Bitcoin for Beginners: Cryptocurrency Guide

Bitcoin for Beginners: Cryptocurrency Guide - bitcoin for beginners: cryptocurrency guide

Bitcoin for Beginners: Cryptocurrency Guide – A guide for beginners about Cryptocurrency and Cryptocurrency Trading with Bitcoin.

Have you been hearing about bitcoin and cryptocurrency in the news? Well this is the only course you will need to get started.

This course will help lay the basis of knowledge in using Crypto-currency for beginners.

• Learn the history of Bitcoin.

• Understand the basics of Crypto-currency and the types of cryptocurrency

• Gain an insight into the technology behind Crypto-currency and Blockchain

•  Useful tools and strategies to invest in cryptocurrency .

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Cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing the way money is transacted, much like how computers, the internet, email, and cell phones have revolutionized the world!

Experts predict cash will be completely eliminated in many countries in 10 years

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