Bitcoin for Beginners: Bitcoin Mining and Blockchain basics

Bitcoin for Beginners: Bitcoin Mining and Blockchain basics - bitcoin for beginners: bitcoin mining and blockchain basics

Bitcoin for Beginners: Bitcoin Mining and Blockchain basics – Learn about Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals, Bitcoin Security, and Blockchain Technology (Cryptocurrency Course).

  • Do you want to understand the fundamentals of the Bitcoin phenomenon?
  • Do you want to know who designed and implemented Bitcoin and the underlying technology called Blockchain?    
  • Perhaps you wish to know more about the history of Digital Cash?
  • Do you want to know why Bitcoin is better then a single currency?
  • Are you planning to get involved in Bitcoin Trading or Investing, yet still in doubt and feel the need for direction?
  • Do you want to know why the value of Bitcoin is so volatile, and what drives the price?
  • Perhaps you want to understand the Bitcoin Mining Process in more depth?

If your answer is yes to any of the above mentioned, don’t waste any more time, and take this course now!


Learn the key concepts on Bitcoin and Blockchain from a Certified Bitcoin Professional!

This Course will teach you the about History of Digital Cash, by introducing all the key people who was involved in Cryptography since the 70’s.

Next, you will learn about the Cypherpunk Movements, their intentions, and their noted Achievements, such as Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology. Additionally, you will learn about:

  • The Brief History of Money,
  • The Brief History of Cryptography,
  • Double Spending Problem,
  • Trusted Third Parties,
  • Double Spending Solution,
  • History of Electronic Cash,
  • Centralized VS Decentralized Networks.

Next, you will learn about Blockchain basics, by understanding how the Distributed Ledger system works, including:

  • Bitcoin Transaction overview,
  • How new value enters the System,
  • Key aspects of miners and their responsibilities,
  • Block Reward Process,
  • Block Validation Process,
  • Transaction Fees

Next, you will learn what drives the value of Bitcoin, by explaining the fundamentals of:

  • Supply and Demand,
  • Network Effects of Bitcoin,
  • Hardforks,
  • Event Driven Architecture,
  • Brief overview of Bitcoin Futures 

Next, you will learn about Some of the common misconceptions about Bitcoin by addressing the following questions:

  • Is it too late to get involved in Bitcoin?
  • Is Bitcoin Dead?
  • Is Bitcoin a Scam?
  • Is Bitcoin a Bubble?
  • Is Bitcoin a Stock?
  • Is Bitcoin a Pyramid Scheme?

 And much more!

This course will make you understand one and for all that:

Bitcoin is here to stay, stronger then ever, and there is nothing that could stop it’s existence!

I look forward to answer any of your questions, and I will see you inside the course!