Awesome Reporting Tools in Selenium and Appium

Awesome Reporting Tools in Selenium and Appium - awesome reporting tools in selenium and appium

Awesome Reporting Tools in Selenium and Appium – Rich HTML and Excel Report Generation for Selenium and Appium.

Report generation is one of the major and important topics in test automation. It is the only evidence for the test execution status. This course majorly discuss about different types of reporting tools available for selenium and appium. According to our project and client need we can choose any one of these reports and proceed in the test automation framework design. And we can generate logs in the reports to show the step by step execution and then can add screenshots (depends on the reports feature) if there is any failure in the exeuction for better understanding of the failures.

In this course we are going to see below reports in detail:

  1. Reports Introduction and Importance.
  2. Default TestNG Reports
  3. Emailable Reports
  4. ReportNG Reports
  5. Excel Reports
  6. XSLT Report (or) ReportyNG
  7. Vigo Reports
  8. ATU Reports
  9. Allure Reports
  10. Extent Reports
  11. Maven Surefire Reports etc…

By End of this course completion you will be able to generate different types of rich, beautiful and elaborative automation test execution reports. So, you can present these decent reports to your clients about the test automation execution status and can impress.