Aromatherapy for all Seasons

Aromatherapy for all Seasons - aromatherapy for all seasons

Aromatherapy for all Seasons – Embracing more than essential oils in your daily life: aromatic use of essential oils, herbs, and teas.

Aromatherapy is more than essential oils – it embraces so much more. This course offers a view of appreciating aromatic living by way of the garden, and teas as well as essential oils. In fact, this course will show you how to use essential oils in addition to your self care routines, like dry brushing, skin care and more!

This course takes you through the whole year- showing you the top essential oils for each season. Included are formulas and practical idea suggestions to entice your senses as you appreciate aromatherapy in in many forms.

This short course is casual and relaxed- easy to view all at once. Hundreds have already signed up- you can too.

Spring topics include:

  • Top essential oils for spring (downloadable resource provided)
  • Planning your aromatic garden
  • Aromatic spring cleaning tips
  • Self care tips for spring

Summer topics include:

  • Top essential oils for summer (downloadable resource provided)
  • Summer beauty tips
  • Summer sprays
  • Enjoying your aromatic garden
  • Aromatic garden pest control

Fall topics include:

  • Top essential oils for fall (downloadable resource provided)
  • Harvesting your garden aromatics
  • Essential oil blends for fall

Winter topics include:

  • Top essential oils for winter (downloadable resource provided)
  • Festive essential oil blends
  • Winter self care tips for cold & flu season
  • Stress busters
  • Winter dry skin management

Bonus video! Learn easy step by step instructions on how to make a hand scrub. Special guests make an appearance in the video.

Through this course you will learn seasonal tips and strategies for making your home a more naturally clean environment, which can in turn, have an impact on your general health and well being.

You will also learn how to manage dry winter skin conditions, and self care tips during cold and flu season.

Festive essential oils blends are part of the winter segment- there is sure to be a blend to suit you!