Archangels: Tune Yourself to Divine Energies!

Archangels: Tune Yourself to Divine Energies! - archangels: tune yourself to divine energies!

Archangels: Tune Yourself to Divine Energies! – The Power of the Archangels! (attunement to the Source where Archangels draw their power).

The Power of Archangels is a powerful meditation attunement which is taught and executed by Master El Morya , the Chohan of the First Ray!

This is an attunement which will tune you to the Divine Source where Archangels draw their Power!

Furthermore you will learn all the needed information about the Archangels and their specialties!

Learn how to tune yourself to the Divine Specialties of the Archangels, how to do Angelic Healings and how to live your life in full connection with the Angelic Realms!

With 32 lectures and over 2 and a half hours in video, as well as with quizzes, assignment and downloadable resources (videos and documents), this is the right course to either begin or expand your spiritual journey, as you will also learn about your best tools! Tools that you already have within you!

Guided Meditations, Spiritual Techniques to open, heal and activate your chakras, Meditation Techniques to connect with your Higher Self, to activate and awaken your Kundalini Energy, to connect with your Christ Consciousness are also included!

Furthermore, learn about the 7 planes of existence and trully comprehend how life is manifested through the different dimensions!

If you are ready to truly open the door of your heart and let God with his Divine Expressions enter inside, then this course is the appropriate one for you!

If you are ready to discover new realities and expand your consciousness, as well as walk side by side with the Angels and the Archangels, this is where you start!

If you already practice spiritualism and want to proceed to the next level, by all means, enter this course!

I have put my pure intention and effort in this course, to make it radiate the Creator’s Love and the Angelic Blessings!