Adobe After Effects CC: Tips and Tricks

Adobe After Effects CC: Tips and Tricks - adobe after effects cc: tips and tricks

Adobe After Effects CC: Tips and Tricks – Speed up your After Effects workflow.

In order to take this course you will need the following:

  • A basic knowledge of Adobe After Effects
  • A working copy of Adobe After Effects (You can download a 30 day trial from the Adobe Website)
  • An attitude to learn simple techniques to improve your workflow!
  • -Adobe After Effects Preferences
  • -20 top tips and tricks you can use in after effects to speed up your workflow
  • -Thorough overview of using Adobe Media Encoder to render
  • -Highlights of the top five mistakes made by after effects users and how to avoid them
  • -Practice task at the end of the course
  • -PDF handouts to follow along with some lessons
  • -Work faster in Adobe After Effects
  • -Optimise Adobe After Effects preferences to help the software run faster
  • -Identify and use simple tips and tricks to avoid problems and produce better work

After receiving excellent feedback and five star ratings from my first Udemy course, I have decided to give something back with a completely free course that shows you some simple tricks and techniques to improve your workflow. I have also received great feedback from my YouTube channel videos, of which you can find a link to on my profile.

Below is some student feedback that I have received on my Udemy courses:

I’ve needed a course like this! My animations have been looking too rigid but looking at some of the lessons I’m so excited for the outcome! I’m learning fast but with time to practice all the skills I’ve learnt with the assignments. Thank for creating this! – Timothy Stone – (UDEMY)

So looking forward to this course after watching your YouTube tutorials! Good value with so many resources! – Josh Bright – (UDEMY)

Really easy to understand. – Joe Lee – (UDEMY)

Thanks for these amazing Tutorials, great work as always! Never stop posting cause these are all amazing help for beginners like myself! – Danny M – (YOUTUBE)