8051 Microcontroller – Embedded C and Assembly Language

8051 Microcontroller – Embedded C and Assembly Language – Learn programme of 8051 microcontroller using embedded C language and assembly language.

This course is intended to give you complete details of hardware and software requirement of 8051 microcontroller programming. This course will help you to understand the working of I/O ports, timer, interrupt and serial communication (UART) in microcontroller. You will be able to program 8051 microcontroller using assembly and embedded c language. Course will explain the interfacing of LED, switch, LCD with 8051 microcontroller, hence will make you ready to create your own application project using 8051 microcontroller.

In this course all the features of basic 8051 microcontroller is discussed. Code used in this course can run on any advanced 8051 microcontroller device. Number of timers, serial, interrupt, I/O port and crystal frequency may vary depend on microcontroller.

I personally believe that if anyone want to be learn microcontroller or microprocessor programming then one should start with 8051 microcontroller because it’s easy to understand and program. 8051 microcontroller programming with assembly language and embedded C language will make you future ready and you can learn any complex microcontroller and microprocessor very quickly.

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