40 English Idioms You Need To Know

40 English Idioms You Need To Know -

40 English Idioms You Need To Know – Learn 40 Very Common English Idioms.

This course will present 40 very common English idioms in a variety of ways with explanations, situations, and exercises. These idioms are often heard in everyday speech in conversations and in movies and on TV. Learning them will help you understand English more and improve your ability to communicate.

All of the videos are narrated by me, Joe, a native speaking English teacher with over 20 years of experience of teaching students of all ages and ability levels. The videos also have slides that present the main ideas, questions, and situations, so that you will be able to fully understand the idioms.

The idioms are presented and then you will be tested to check their understanding and memory. You will be able to pause the videos if needed before your knowledge is checked.

I have also included some small and useful quizzes throughout the course. These quizzes will help you remember, understand and strengthen your knowledge of the 40 idioms in the course. The quizzes are easy to understand and take, and afterwards you will have full command of these 40 everyday idioms.