10 DAY Meditation & Spiritual Transformation Course

10 DAY Meditation & Spiritual Transformation Course - 10 day meditation & spiritual transformation course

10 DAY Meditation & Spiritual Transformation Course – This 10 day guided meditation course is designed to introduce you to a new way of living and finding your higher self.


There is a lot of hurt and darkness in the world … there are a lot of people that are looking to reconnect spiritually now more than ever before. Please know that whatever you are going through, you are not alone.

My 10 day guided meditation course will help you gain clarity, sooth inflammation in the body from stress, and will allow you to reconnect to all there is to be grateful for in your life. Your meditation will be a new part of your daily routine and your approach to every aspect of life. You can also strengthen your current meditation routine through this program.

Last year, Ananda Yoga Retreat students who were dedicated to my full 10 day program saw massive results and shifts in their energy. Their family noticed it, their friends noticed it and they have never felt better than when they were consistent with these guided meditations. They were able to let go of past trauma, current stress, created more space in their heart chakra for clarity, peace, love and heightened their energetic vibration to attract more joy into their lives. In short, their perception shifted to create radical change.

You will learn 10 different types of meditations, guided by me … every day I will start you off with inside tips, insight and the science behind why each meditation works the way it does.

I’ll give you tips on how to get started, how to go deeper into a conscious state of rest to unplug and recharge your mind as well as how to forgive yourself and others. Then we will get started with each guided meditation video set for the day and you will have the chance to write down your experiences and ask me directly any questions you may have.

You will learn about how to let go of trauma and deep seeded painful issues you’ve been holding onto that no longer serve you or protect you. We will work on finally opening your heart back up to self love, and I will be there to guide you through every part of this process. You are essentially getting a personal meditation coach who will provide insight into your experience.

You will learn 10 types of different meditations, so you have the chance to see what type of meditation works best for you: as everyone is different.

I am here to serve you. This is a sincere gift from my heart to help raise the healing energy of this Earth.
I hope you will take advantage of this course & sign up to begin your journey. This will be a pivotal moments of investment in your future self and your relationship with your world.